Beyond the Truth Podcast

The podcast that threads business, life, relationships and everything in-between. Bringing forward stories and lessons authentically unfiltered. Learn about Christine (the host), her journey, and listen in on the honest conversations on the various topics that will unravel the truth beyond what you may have known to be.

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From how to bring an idea to the marketplace to how to deal with burnout. We go behind the scenes and share business tips, lessons learned, and conversations with other industry leaders about their journey.


We focus on a wide variety of topics that help us live our best lives. Highlighting inspirational stories and sharing teachings, no matter how deep -- We get centred together, we talk about alignment and our mindset. Wellness has never been more important.

Property Identity

Property Identity was founded by our host, Christine Yu. This part of the podcast is dedicated to sharing industry tips, how to succeed in a $100+ billion sector, how to become a successful real estate entrepreneur, how to turn your property into a profitable, sustainable business with a solid brand and story to tell. We teach you what we teach Property Identity clients and the lessons we've learned together.

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We challenge you to think differently, we push the boundaries, we are here for more.

Everything in our life is intertwined, whether it's business, relationships, or health. We believe that one cannot become fulfilled without touching the other areas of life. Work needs to be done, alignment needs to happen, how we teach ourselves to shift our mindsets through past trauma, challenges, and fears will ultimately lead us to a better state of being. Our host, Christine talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, leader, sister, daughter, and friend and how her relationships with other and herself has taught her how to have courage, resiliency, and strength.

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You are worthy of the life you are dreaming about.

Entrepreneurship is ever evolving, and if there is one thing we can learn from living through pandemics and lockdowns it's that a lot can change in just one year. Starting a new business is hard. A lot of hard work and time needs to be put into planning and executing. Proper planning with the right strategy is sure to make any business succeed, however there are times even with what you thought the idea was brilliant with a plan and strategy, a business launch can still fail. 

This podcast will uncover the truth behind success and failures, and how to overcome and pivot with those challenges and barriers. How to take failure and turn it into something positive.

Beyond the Truth Podcast

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