Are Guest Surveys Important?

Guest reviews and customer satisfaction surveys are a powerful tool in the vacation rental industry and provide property managers and owners an opportunity to enhance the guest experience, strengthen the relationship, build loyalty with existing guests and attract new business.

As travel begins to recover, vacation rentals have claimed the #1 seat and the industry is more competitive than ever with travellers looking for a safe home away from home, flexible policies, and a trustworthy, reputable host. Guest reviews are a surefire way to increase your online presence, build your reputation and let travellers know that you’re more than a fly by night host looking to put bums in beds – you care about the entire guest experience.

Be Prepared to Act on Guest Suggestions

Oftentimes you will have to make changes or purchases to enhance the guest experience. many of the suggestions will be inexpensive purchases that go a long way in improving guest satisfaction. Smaller purchases like alarm clocks in each bedroom, recycling bins, or toothbrush holders come at a minimal cost while keeping guests comfortable. The open-ended questions at the end of a survey can garner unexpected responses. Giving a voice to a third-party can leave you with valuable recommendations to improve your listings for future guests. Items like a BBQ Grill, outdoor seating area can help guests take advantage of all your properties have to offer.

In the vacation rental industry, a customer satisfaction survey is usually sent out after a guest stays with you. The timing should work to enforce the internal goals. Some vacation rental companies are taking the opportunity to survey their guests mid-week. You have a captive audience, checking their emails on their cell phone. More importantly, if there is a problem, you have the opportunity to address it while the guest is onsite, This is a huge opportunity to build customer loyalty and to build the narrative around your brand.

Here is a Free Download: Guest Satisfaction Survey Template from Lodgify.

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