Creating an Extraordinary Vacation Rental

How do you furnish a space that will attract guests and sustain the wear and tear that comes with renting your place?

Renting a vacation home comes with the responsibility of maintaining and styling the property. Even if you manage to attract guests, how do owners decorate a space so that it withstands the damage that even the best behaved guests will do?

  1. Use Materials that Wear Well: avoid furnishings and "perfect lacquered finishes" that are impossible to maintain or hard to maintain.

  2. Keep It Simple: when designing vacation homes, simplicity in furnishings is key. Keep the furniture highly edited and the accessorizing down to a minimum if possible. Use neutrals as your foundation and then build on that with accent colours.

  3. Pretend you're the Renter: research your competition and see how you can make your property a bit better. This way, you can see what features are important to the guest experience and you can make the necessary adjustments.

  4. Mix and Match: most of us have a budget right? Think about mixing inexpensive pieces with high-end luxurious finishes.

  5. Decorate with Purpose: remember what you are trying to portray when it comes to your brand. Rooms should alway be functional for your guests but it should also align with your branding.

  6. Create Intimate Spaces: guests should have places around the home to congregate, but also use as a need for privacy where they can find solitude.

  7. Add Thoughtful Touches: providing things like soaps, towels and place maps all contribute to the entire guest experience. The idea is that if guests have a better experience with the home, they will take better care of the home (although we know that this is also not always the the case).

The more you finish a home -- the more you complete the story

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