How to Build a Brand for Your Vacation Rental Business

No matter what type of your business you are starting, branding has become a vital aspect to the business's identity. It helps define and bring your business to life, but how do you achieve this for vacation rental businesses?

  1. Open with your Brand's Story: it is important to build an emotional connection with your website's visitors. One of the best ways to do this is to open with a brand story instead of just listing facts about your vacation rental.

  2. Find ways to support your brand's story with actual features from your property. Introduce and summarize the consumer benefits, summarize the product attributes that make your property special and desirable to your target audience.

  3. Focus on what makes your brand matter to your target audience. Brand building is about making intentional investments in the parts of the experience that matter the most.

  4. Developing your brand assets requires a tactical approach:

  5. Define your target audience for your vacation rental

  6. Analyze your audience's needs/wants

  7. Write out your brand's personality: story, mission, vision

  8. Create your brand style guide: colours, imagery, logo, name, etc;

  9. Launch your branded vacation rental website/socials

  10. Greet every guest with a custom branded introduction

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