Know your Audience: A Guide to Targeted Vacation Rental Marketing

Marketing your vacation rental takes a bit of homework, commitment, and organization. It is a monetary investment and time investment. Deciding where to advertise besides listing your property on property rental sites like AirBNB, VRBO,, you may consider marketing your property on social media, your own vacation rental website, etc; deciding which platforms to concentrate on can be daunting.

The concept of establishing a Guest Avatar/Persona is to become focused on the person who is most likely to book and to contact directly through the platforms he/she favours.

A Guest Avatar is made up of generalized characteristics that encompass goals, needs and observed behaviour patterns of your ideal guest. You may end up finding yourself in place where you need to create different personas as one size may not fit all. Just remember that your marketing needs to be segmented to capture them all.

How to Create your Guest Avatar/Persona:

  • Give your persona a name (ie; Jane or Ken)

  • List the common demographics (age, gender, family status, salary, location, education, hobbies etc)

  • Define characteristics (organized, tech savvy, into wellness..)

  • Vacation goals (wellness retreat, nature, family friendly, hot weather, tourist attractions, luxury property)

  • Needs and wants (comfort, zen, lots of in home tech, playground, park)

  • What are the best features of your property according to this persona?

  • Fears (making the wrong decisions, being scammed, place is not as what was described..)

  • Where does this persona spend time online (what platforms do they use)

  • What does their dream vacation look like?

Once you understand your Guest Avatar, what they love, what their needs are, and what interests them, you can use this information to guide all of your marketing from what you write in your listing, how you communicate with them, and what social media platforms you use to engage with them. Not only will this help boost your occupancy, but will make your guests very happy in the relationship they have with you. They will feel that you have been in their shoes and value them as individual guests rather than 'renters'.

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