The 3 C's of Enhancing Guest Experience

If you have visited our Guest Experience page, you would know exactly what we are talking about when we say the 3 C's! After researching thoroughly what Guest Experience means in the vacation home rental and hospitality industry, we realized that there is a prominent theme of: Communication, Convenience, and Choice.


People have been renting homes, cottages, apartments for so many years... so what are hosts and business owners doing differently now? A lot of these property rental platforms are a great use and means of guest communications. The tools of these platforms have developed over time to support efficiency to improve the host and guest experiences. The effect of this technology overall has increased trust and confidence during the booking process and as well during the actual stay.


Mobile technology allows guests to experience a location without the check-in and check-out desk be the centre point of communication and coordination. Transactions can happen on the guests' own terms by using their own devices. Looking into the processes of your rental property or boutique hotel can help you improve the overall guest experience by making it efficient and convenient.


Give your guests choices when it comes to adding value and convenience to their stay. Whether it's a mobile check-in, a full-service staff that's available or a kiosk for quick pick-ups and drop-offs. Choice conforms to your guests' different situations and makes their arrival and departure best for their individual situations.

Ask yourself the question: am I really serving my guests' true needs?

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