Wellness & Vacation Rentals

Traveling for health and wellness purposes is nothing new, however the impact from COVID-19 has driven this trend to the forefront. People are prioritizing wellness like never before and life balance is something that everyone is looking for today.

Our motivation in life, the way we connect with one another, the way we take time for self-growth has demanded many destinations to offer and promote a space of tranquility and healing. According to the Global Wellness Institute wellness tourism is now a booming $639 billion market and it's projected to reach $919 billion by 2022.

The same report shows that world travellers made over 830 million wellness trips in 2017, representing 17% of all tourism revenues for that year.

It's evident that the industry trend is on the rise and innovation in this space will only continue to demand more from those in the travel and hospitality world. This is great news for vacation rental owners, especially those with destinations which offers access to nature, scenic hikes, and other outdoor activities.

Vacation rental owners have a huge opportunity to be part of this massive movement and increase bookings by promoting wellness in the marketing. Not only do alternative accommodations like vacation rentals tend to offer more space than hotel rooms, but they can also be more economical for groups.

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