Wellness x Property Design

Wellness design features attracting the highest price premiums for Properties:

  • Proximity and easy access to natural and recreational amenities.

  • Neighbourhood walkability.

  • Nature walls in shopping centres and shared spaces.

  • Solar panelling.

  • Sustainability in retail spaces, including plastic-free environments and access to relevant disposal options for different items.

  • Community gardens and compost facilities.

  • Community wellness services including healthy food options, fitness centres, dietary classes, yoga studios and access to mental health facilities.

  • Sustainability features, including non-toxic and low waste building materials.

  • Healthy home features, including indoor air and high-quality water.

Developing and promoting wellness for properties can be beneficial for our health and address many customer and guest demands, however it doesn't mean a wellness community is automatically created. Some properties are designed to be exclusive or encourage guests to stay within the confines of the property. These developments miss the crucial impact that community can also have on overall personal health and wellbeing.

When developing marketing strategies around health and wellness offerings as part of your property branding, it's important that businesses communicate the ease with which wellness spaces can be created in the home.

For Vacation Rental properties, it's vital to consider how design impacts a guest's sense of wellbeing. This involves planning how public or private spaces interact with each other, where activities will occur and the impact these spaces have on the rest of the environment.

Areas for rest and relaxation should be carefully considered; areas designed for rest should typically be built way from noisy, social areas. However, the location of facilities designed to be accessible without impacting the overall guest experience, such as coffee carts should be considered.

Private rooms or villas should be designed as a representation of the overall property and should bring together all the different health and wellness offerings to anchor in a holistic guest experience.

There is an incredible opportunity for developers, architects, vacation home owners, and interior designers to devise strategic marketing communications that showcase health and wellness and reach a highly engaged market, boosting awareness and potential revenue.

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