Why Property Identity?

Hi Christine here!

Some of you may ask why 'Property Identity'? and why did I wanted to pursue this idea?

Ever since I was a child, I had always been into creative projects whether it'd be art, fashion, cosmetology, writing, or theatre. I never pursued a creative career because of my upbringing and my family always steering me in the direction of traditional business, medicine or law. Don't get me wrong - I love business and law but I can't deny my passion for a good creative outlet.

Growing up, we never had a home that was permanent for us where my parents would grow old in and I felt that it was always a dream of mine to be able to one day have my own space and to decorate it as I pleased. I am a firm believer that the space in which you rest in directly impacts you mentally and physically and is a contributing factor to one's mental wellbeing. Once I graduated University, I moved into my place where I lived alone and I remember I couldn't wait to make it my sanctuary. There's just something so special about it, something so comforting and soul healing.

I would flip through magazines, watch countless hours of HGTV or any other home shows and gather my ideas and fantasize about what that would look like one day for myself. Then I thought - what if I could help make other's people's homes their sanctuaries and give them a space they can resonate with. I thought, what a great way to give back using my passion and talent in this area. I then left my corporate career and dabbled into luxury sales in furniture for a short-while. Decided perhaps that wasn't for me, even though I had learnt a lot during my time there. I went back into the tech industry and stayed there for a while and it wasn't until the pandemic hit where everything came back full circle.

Through my experience in life during that time I realized that there was a gap in the industry, and as short-term rental demands kept increasing the gap kept getting larger. Then - the AH HA moment came! I can build a business that captures both my creative side and also my analytical side and then the birth of 'Property Identity' occurred. We are not just a design company, we take into account the entirety of the business and help individuals create a scalable, long-term, sustainable business venture. I really wanted to help people realize their dreams, give them a sense of purpose and be proud of the investment they had made into what could be their retirement plan. My intention was to not become a property management company, but to give people the tools and skills to become their own boss.

I work with the clients from concept to execution and that included the entire brand for their property. I walk them through the Guest Experience journey and teach them how to create and manage their tech. I also give them advice on pricing strategies and digital marketing.

What we also offer that is different from anyone in the market is we do commercials for vacation rentals. Much like a Sandals Resort commercial - we conceptualize a story for your brand and turn it into a mini commercial where the client and showcase the experience of their stay at the property and use it to advertise to the target market.

We hope that you join us on our journey as we are ever evolving, learning, and LOVING every minute of what we do at Property Identity.

Have a question? Send us an email to info@propertyidentity.ca

- Christine

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